We all like to look and feel good about ourselves, but that doesn’t mean to have a venture at the gym. You know when people say

We all like to look and feel good about ourselves, but that doesn’t mean to have a venture at the gym. You know when people say “dress to impress” or “dress for success,” yeah. That is not just limited to the office; what you wear when you to the gym affect your performance.

That white cotton tee you have had since high school or five-year-old sports bra can make you work out, feel uncomfortable, more challenging, and even havoc on your body.

These six things are what you much chuck out of your workout wardrobe;

1.Pure Cotton Tees: Studies show that cotton stink less than any other synthetic fabric but cotton also absorbs every ounce of your sweat, which makes you feel as if you’re wearing a wet or damp towel. The moist the clothing is, there is more likely the chance of bacteria to grow and especially if you’re wearing it for long episodes of time. And if god for bib, any area of skin is exposed to bacteria-filled workout clothes, it will lead to fungal infection at the site. So, you’re not wearing that cotton tee of yours at the gym again. Instead of that, you can opt for sweat-wicking fabrics that are mainly made for exercise.

2.Stretched-Out Sports Bra: For the love of your breasts, please do not wear a regular bra to the gym. An old stretched-out sports bra is a bad idea, too. If you’re not wearing a proper fit to chest sports bra to work out, then bounce isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. If you’ve moderate to large breasts, then bouncy movements can lead to shoulder pain and upper back pain post-workout. It also increases the possibility of breast tissue to stretch, damaging it and elevating the chance of saggy breast in the future.

3.Jewelry: If you are too afraid to leave your jewelry in the locker room, then keep it at home because the gym is absolutely not the place to flex it. Just imagine, you’re running with a long pendant and its beating against your chest and smacking you in the face, and suddenly it has tangled with your earbuds. I don’t think you will enjoy the whole scenario. Don’t give a second-thought to rings even because wearing them while you lift the weight can affect your grip and is a severe risk of weight slipping out if your hands.
So, next time when you go to the gym, make sure you leave your jewelry pieces at home.

4.Extra-Baggy Clothes: you don’t have to hide our body at the gym because your instructor needs to assess it. How would the trainer know if your abdominals are engaged, spine is elongated, or your ribs are poking out if you’re wearing extra-baggy clothes? They exercise clothes available in the market today to help the body move you in a better way, so you must find yourself the exercise gear that actually fits you and that you feel fantastic in. Looking good is a plus!

5.Too-Fitted Clothes: Compression clothing that is designed to allow movement while pressing the muscles is okay. But clothes that are too small or too tight in any way are an absolute no for the gym. They can harm than good. Tight clothing restricts the blood circulation, as well as the movements, like extra fitted leggings, make it impossible to bend over or slide down into a full squat, and t-shirts that keep you away from raising the arms overhead. A tight sports bra can constrict your breathing while tight shorts can cause rashes and chafe on the inner thighs, leading to fungal infection.

6.Makeup: Makeup has its time and place, and the gym is not one of those places. When you sweat at the gym, oil and dirt piles up under your makeup, which results in acne breakouts and irritation, and so begins a vicious cycle, you wear more makeup to cover the blemishes caused by wearing makeup. Ugh. If your core goal is to work out, then it is best to go with a freshly washed face wearing nothing except a light sunscreen.

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