With our so hectic schedules, it’s hard to find time even to exercise. Between juggling a career, personal life, a social life, and binge

With our so hectic schedules, it’s hard to find time even to exercise. Between juggling a career, personal life, a social life, and binge-watching the favourite Netflix series, it seems impossible to squeeze in workouts. Although we know they’re vital to our well-being and health. However, it would make it a little easier if we know when is the best time to hit the gym or to run at a nearby park. Exercising at a specific fixed time can help maximize our fitness goals.

So, let’s roll and find out the best time to exercise and its perks.

Morning Workout

When the alarm goes off, the last thing you want to do is roll out of your warm bed, wear your tracksuit, lace up your sneakers, and head for a walk or to the gym. But it would be best if you considered morning time to exercise as it poses some tremendous health benefits.

Consistent Habit: We all have been there and done that. The day begins, and you think, I’ll work out later, when you’re done with your daily tasks and when the evening rolls around, guess what happens? The only thing which is left unchecked on your to-do list is the GYM. As the day progresses, afternoon and evening workouts may conflict with other responsibilities, plus a full day job can take a severe toll on will power, which can overcome any gym freak’s best intentions.

Keeping all of it in mind, it’s easier to set a morning working out routine and keep it consistent. As morning working out, give you an extra boost of energy that increases your physical activity throughout the day. Also, it increases metabolism, which means you’ll continue to burn calories throughout the day. So, head out of the door before even you have time to second-thought yourself.

Burn More Fat: Now this one is scientifically proven, people significantly burn more body fat working out on an empty stomach, exercising in the morning is much less hectic and also the best first thing to in the am than at night.

Better Sleep: Morning exercising is a perfect option for stress-free snoozing; however, it’s an even more fantastic option for healthy and better sleep. Since exercise increases body temperature and heart rate, so working out at night disrupts sleep. Working out in the morning helps people sleep more soundly at night.

Less Hunger: If you want to keep hunger at bay later in the day, then a morning exercise is your thing. Several studies have proved that working out helps curb appetite.

Afternoon or Evening Workout

Many people hype the perks of morning workout sessions (as we did too), but if you’re unable to fit in the am timing, then don’t stress at all. There are plenty of reasons you can sweat in the afternoon or evening and feel good about it.

Already Warmed up Body: One major factor of later workout is your body’s core temperature. Your body temperature is typically high throughout the day, so muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility may peak in the late evening or afternoon.

Better Reaction Time: In younger adults, the evening or afternoon is the time when reaction speed is highest, so it might be the best time for a game of “open-skill” sports like football, basketball, or soccer that requires quick thinking and moving.

Burn More Calories: Finally, one study found out that the body can burn the most calories in the afternoon and evening hours, too, so you could see a small but clear return on weight loss hard work by hitting the gym after lunch.

But early birds don’t worry. Morning workouts can be successful too.


The fact is people who exercise consistently at the same time of the day see better results, apart from whether they choose morning, noon, or night to hit the gym.

If working out in the morning works best for your schedule, then go for it. But make sure to warm up muscles that might be tight and cold from sleep.

And if an afternoon workout suits you, then be consistent, treat them as unbreakable appointments, find yourself a workout buddy, and keep a gym bag always in the car to minimize excuses.

It’s most important to find a consistent and realistic workout schedule, no matter what the time.

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